2023 Masterpiece MasterClass

We would like to invite you to a super exciting event happening at Abba Caravans. Our very 1st Masterpiece Master Class of 2023!!

The owner and engineer of Masterpiece Caravans and owner of the Abba Caravans Dealership, Remon Raffaello will be running a “Masterpiece Master Class” together with Bobi Petrusevski the General Manager on Thursday the 16th February 2023 at the ABBA CARAVANS sales yard.

Some of items that Remon will be demonstrating are:

The new revolutionary R-TECH CONSTRUCTION

– What does it consist of ?

– What are the benefits ?

– How it works ?

– Exclusivity to Masterpiece Caravans

Standard specifications in Masterpiece Caravans

– Victron Battery Management System

– Lithium Batteries

– Solar Options

– Alpha Suspension With Or Without Stage 3 Airbags

– Alucomp and Checker Plate Colours

Witi Anti theft Demonstration

Terr Sat, satellite demonstration

Masterpiece Demonstrations

 – How to properly use your airbag system?

 – Using your inverter / charger properly

 – Victron Management System

 – Importance of servicing and wheel alignment?

Abba Caravans Service Centre Tour

  • Tyre Balancing Demo
  • Wheel Alignment Demo
  • Tyre Change Demo


– At the end of the event there will be an opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

Bookings essential as spaces may be limited.



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