How to Select the Correct Caravan Dealers

The decision to buy a new caravan should not be taken lightly. With so many caravan dealers and manufacturers to choose from, an incorrect decision can potentially be catastrophic. However, by conducting thorough research and asking your caravan dealer the right questions you can ensure that your new caravan is a perfect match for your requirements.

Initial Research

Prior to contacting any caravan dealers, we suggest that you create a list of dealers within your City or State. Following this, you can refine your list by checking to see if they meet the following criteria –

Dealer License Number

It is imperative that each dealer on your shortlist has a Dealer License. The license number (eg – DL16208) should be displayed clearly on their website.


Check to see how long the company has been operating for. By focusing on experienced dealers, you should reduce the risk of being exploited.

Online Reviews

Firstly, check Google and/or Facebook to see if the dealer has any online reviews or recommendations. Make sure the dealer has a significant number of reviews – If you can only see a limited number, they may potentially be fake (from staff members, family and friends rather than customers). Lastly, take time to read through the comments to ensure there are no recurring issues and make sure the average rating is at least 4.5 stars.

Selection of Caravans for Sale

Check to see how long the manufacturer has been operating, you want to feel secure when investing in a new van. Check Google and/or Facebook to see if the brand has any online reviews or recommendations. These days there are many Facebook pages run by the owners of the brand and they really give you the inside scoop how the van performs. Avoid small dealerships that stock a limited number of caravans from one manufacturer. By doing so, you are more likely to find the ideal caravan for your requirements.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a shortlist of reputable dealers within your area, you can visit each yard to find out more information. It is important take note of the initial questions that you are asked by your salesperson. A professional sales person should take considerable time to fully understand your requirements before they demonstrate what caravans may be appropriate. Here are some of the questions they should ask before you get started –

  1. What are you using the caravan for?
  2. Will the caravan be used off road?
  3. What is your car capable of towing?
  4. How many adults and/or children will be travelling in the caravan?
  5. Do you require any specific features on the caravan?
  6. Do you have a budget in mind?
  7. Are you looking for new or pre-owned?
  8. When were you needing the van?

A professional salesman will take this information into consideration and show you the van that will meet these criteria. A poor salesman will disregard your answers and will try and push you into a caravan that he wants to sell and if this happens unfortunately you should request another salesman or leave the establishment.

Questions to ask Caravan Dealers

If you are confident that your sales person has taken the time to properly understand your requirements, you can ask the following questions –

  1. What caravan/s do you suggest based on my requirements and why?
  2. How much can this van be loaded to and will my car be able to tow it comfortably?
  3. Is the van displayed for sale and if not, what is the build time?
  4. Do you offer finance and insurance?
  5. Check the compliance plate to see the van weighs and spec, including the tow ball weight.

Things to look for in a new Caravan

At a glance many vans look the same, but if you have a closer look and know what to look for, you will see there are many differences –

  1. Look inside the cupboards and drawers, are they secured properly? Hinges and catches are the first to go. When looking inside the cupboards, does the structure look strong and well made?
  2. Check the chassis and wheel arches, to ensure there aren’t any gaps in the sealing and that the plumbing is fitted professionally.
  3. Check the outside panelling to ensure the corner moulds are sealed and finished off neatly with no gaps.

Abba Caravans

Abba is a caravan dealer located in Rockingham with over 30 years of experience. We stock a comprehensive range of caravans from two reputable Australian manufacturers – Masterpiece and Silver Valley. Whether you are looking for an off-road or on-road solution, we are likely to have the perfect caravan for your requirements. Contact us today to learn more.